A Locative Augmented Reality Game -BETA!

Collaborating with The ZERO1 Biennial Seeking Silicon Valley

How To Play

Setting Up Tag and Seek:

  1. Download TagWhat on your mobile device [Android] [iPhone]
  2. Install it (if your phone doesn’t do so automatically).
  3. Launch TagWhat.
  4. Find our “Tag And Seek ZERO1” channel and select it.
  5. You should now see our tags!

Playing Tag and Seek:


The Seeker

The Seeker’s job is to find interesting, places nearby. Once you find a place as a Seeker, your job is to photograph yourself in said location and send that photo to us (play@tagandseek.net), along with what tag you found. Once we process it, you will receive a point for your discovery.


The Tagger

The Tagger’s job is a bit more involved; as a Tagger, you apply for a Tagger badge by e-mailing us. Once you receive your badge your name will be added to the Leaderboard and you will be eligible to upload your own funny, quirky, relevant, and introspective places.


COMING SOON: The ability to upload your own media to the Tag and Seek channel.

To apply for your own Tag and Seek badge, e-mail us at play@tagandseek.net!


 The Leaderboard

The Leaderboard is a collection of the top-most players of Tag and Seek—the best of which is awarded the title “TagLeader.”



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